Silesian Stadium

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The first concept of the Silesian Stadium was born before World War II, but the stadium would not be completed until the 1950s. Designed by Julian Stefan Brzuchowski, the stadium could accommodate as many as 100 hundred thousand spectators. The grand opening of the Silesian Stadium took place in 1956.

In 1959, innovative lighting, which was unique in Poland, was installed on the stadium, and in 1962, the characteristic tower was added (it was demolished during the renovation in the 21st century). In 1970s, a speedway track was built. In the 1990s and in the first decades of the 21st century, the Silesian Stadium underwent systematic renovations and upgrades to meet the highest world sports standards.

In 2017, the renovation works were completed and the stadium was reopened. The upgrades included a roof above the spectator seats. The renovated Silesian Stadium has become Poland’s premier athletics venue and the best open air music venue. Currently, the stadium hosts football games, concerts, track & field events, as well as business conferences, trade fairs and international congresses. Since 2020, the Silesian Stadium is officially Poland’s National Athletics Stadium, hosting the most prestigious athletics events in Poland and Europe. The stadium offers tours with three different routes.

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