Annex to the “Elka” Cableway Terms of Service of 4 May 2020

In consideration of the recommendations given by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization concerning taking particular care of public health and safety, the passengers of the “Elka” cableway must conform to the following rules and regulations:

1. The passengers on the cableway station premises and during the cableway ride are required to wear nose and mouth coverings. It is also recommended to wear disposable gloves. The requirement to wear nose and mouth covering shall not apply to children aged 4 or below, people with respiratory disorders, and people unable to put the nose and mouth covering on or off on their own due to their health condition.

2. Hands should be disinfected with the disinfectant available in the cableway stations.

3. A 2 m distance should be maintained when waiting for the cableway.

This requirement shall not apply to:

  • parents with young children (aged 13 or below),
  • people living together,
  • persons with disabilities unable to move on their own, people with special educational needs statement and their caregivers.

4, The maximum acceptable number of people in “Elka” cableway infrastructure:

a) 2 persons in the gondola, sitting on the opposite ends of the chair and maintaining the required distance,

b) 2 persons on the chairlift, sitting on the opposite ends of the chair and maintaining the required distance,

c) 1 person in the elevator for persons with disabilities,

d) 1 person at the cash register.

The aforementioned restrictions shall not apply to:

  • parents with young children (aged 13 or below),
  • people living together,
  • persons with disabilities unable to move on their own, people with special educational needs statement and their caregivers.

5. The cableway gondolas and chairs are disinfected daily after the end of operation.

6. The employees of “Elka” cableway have the right to impose additional restrictions related

to ensuring the health and safety of the cableway passengers, including, but not limited to, restricting the application of the exception set forth in item 4.

7. Used face coverings and gloves should be disposed of in generally available municipal waste bins.

8. The rules and regulations listed above supplement the “Elka” Cableway Terms of Service during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

9. This Annex shall enter into force as of the date of execution and shall remain in force until further notice.

“Elka” Cableway Terms of Service

  1. Visitors riding on “ELKA Cableway” and entering the cableway station premises shall conform to the Regulations of General Jerzy Ziętek Voivodeship Culture and Leisure Park in Chorzów, along with the special provisions specified herein.
  2. By purchasing the ticket for “Elka” cableway, the passenger is considered to have agreed and undertaken to conform to the following provisions.
  3. The passengers on the premises of “Elka” cableway are required to maintain the necessary care and follow all instructions given by the cableway staff, and information provided on the stations and columns of the cableway.
  4. To board the “Elka” cableway, the passengers must purchase a valid ticket. The passengers must show the ticket at each request of the authorised staff. The ticket is valid for the day of the purchase. The last ride starts 15 minutes before the closing of the cableway.
  5. The tickets are available in the ticket machines on both “Elka” cableway stations. The ticket machines are turned off 20 minutes before the closing of the cableway.
  6. Both one-way and return tickets are available. The passengers with return tickets must leave arrivals zone of the cableway station upon arriving and move to the departures zone to board the cableway for the return trip. A return ticket does not entitle passengers to priority service.
  7. Children aged 13 or below may board the cableway only when accompanied by an adult able to provide the child with assistance if necessary. Each child takes a separate seat on the cableway. Children with height below 125 cm may travel only in gondolas. Tickets which are not used due to the aforementioned restriction are not refundable.
  8. “Elka” cableway is adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities may board the cableway only if accompanied by a caregiver.
  9. The traffic on the platform is regulated by the designated cableway staff.
  10. The passenger holding a valid ticket is entitled to:
    1. Ride the cableway along the route for which the ticket was purchased.
    2. Carry small-sized hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg free of charge.
    3. Transport a wheelchair, a pram/stroller or a kid bike on the cableway free of charge.
  11. The passengers shall:
    1. Follow the provisions of the Terms of Service, the regulations and instructions of the cableway staff.
    2. Verify the validity of the purchased ticket and keep it until they leave the cableway premises.
    3. Behave in calm and orderly manner on the “Elka” cableway premises (on the stations and en route), including when the cableway stops mid-route.
    4. Follow the designated circulation routes on the cableway stations.
    5. Leave the arrivals zone immediately upon arrival, following the provided directions.
    6. Secure any loose garments (braids, scarves, etc.) against catching on the chair or gondola.
    7. Secure all items (e.g., mobile phones, glasses, keys, wallets, etc.) against falling off.
  12. The passengers are prohibited from:
    1. Entering the platform or take seats without the cableway staff’s permission.
    2. Board and step off the cableway outside the designated areas.
    3. Entering the cableway premises or boarding the cableway if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    4. Smoking on the stations and on the cableway (chairlift and gondolas)
    5. Rocking the chairs and gondolas or opening the chairlift safety bar or gondola doors when the cableway is running.
    6. Sitting on the chairs with backpacks on (backpacks should be transported on your knees) or holding the luggage outside the chairlift or gondola. It is also prohibited to board the cableway with roller-skates on.
    7. Climbing the cableway columns.
    8. Throwing out any items from the cableway.
    9. Transporting children on your knees.
    10. Transporting bicycles.
    11. Transporting hazardous substances, in particular flammable, corrosive or odorous substances.
    12. Bringing animals to the premises and transporting them in the cableway. The aforementioned provision shall not apply to guide dogs and assistants (the assistant must provide a relevant document).
  13. After taking your place on the chairlift, please close the safety bar. Once the chairlift leaves the station, the safety bar is automatically locked for safety.
  14. The chairlift can accommodate up to 4 passengers and the gondola up to 8 passengers.
  15. Conducting any commercial activities or providing other services on the “Elka” cableway stations without permission from the Management Board of the Silesia Park is prohibited.
  16. In the event of foul weather, power supply interruptions or other unexpected events, the cableway operation may be temporarily suspended.

Management Board of the Silesia Park

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