The Silesia Park is a bustling place, with walks, cycling paths, various attractions and events. Enjoy Breakfast on the Grass, the Musical Rose Bouquet, the Silesia Park September of Culture, and the Silesia Park Flower Fair!

Breakfast on the Grass

“Breakfast on the Grass” is a periodic event held since 2011, on every Saturday from June to September, with people meeting in the Rosarium to spend an active morning and – because it’s a breakfast, after all - sample healthy food from local suppliers. Each “Breakfast on the Grass” begins with a yoga class which is free and open to everyone. Other activities include fitness and pilates. All classes are conducted by professional instructors, so even if you’ve never tried these activities before, you can start safely – all you need is an exercise mat!

The suppliers participating in the “Breakfasts” are mostly local shops and restaurants offering healthy and sustainable food, including vegetarian specialties which even the most ardent meat-lovers will enjoy. You can also buy produce in bulk, in zero-waste, reusable packages.

The “Breakfast” is also a great event for parents with children, with plenty of artistic activities, games, competitions, sports and interesting talks.

Municipal emergency services, such as the Police and City Watch, also participate in the “Breakfast”, taking care of the educational aspect of the event, talking to young people about spending their free time safely during holidays, and the damaging consequences of drugs and alcohol. The Regional Blood Donation Centre is also a regular guest, parking their blood collection bus in the Rosarium.

From the beginning, the “Breakfast on the Grass” is supported by the senior citizens from the “Silesia Park Foundation” who not only play various games with children, but also share their life experience, providing the youngest visitors to listen to captivating stories and be inspired. During the “Breakfasts”, there is also a “Plant Exchange Point” where you can leave the plants you no longer want and exchange them for those left by others.


Musical Rose Bouquet

A legendary event and a must-see for any classical music enthusiast, the “Musical Rose Bouquet” is a series of live concerts in the Rosarium in July and August, with outstanding musicians performing classical pieces by Mozart, Strauss or Debussy.

The event is organised together with the Wojciech Kilar Musical School Complex in Katowice, and under the patronage of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodship, Mr Jakub Chełstowski.

Listening to violins, clarinets and piano among the rose bushes will certainly help you load your batteries and give you a boost for the coming week. Words are not enough to describe the unique atmosphere of the “Musical Rose Bouquet” in the Rosarium – you need to experience it for yourself.


Flowers and Gardens Exhibition – Silesia Park Flower Fair

The history of the Flowers and Gardens Exhibition goes back to 1959 when the event was held for the first time; in 1962, the exhibition was attended by over 100 thousand people – a record that remains unbeaten to this day. From the very beginning, the exhibition was one of the flagship events in the Silesia Park, usually with three editions held each year – in the spring, summer and autumn. Throughout the years, the venue of the exhibition changed a number of times and included “The Hat” Exhibition Centre, the “Parkowa” and “Stylowa” restaurants, the greenhouses and the pavilions. Between the main entrance and the Regatta Canal, an area had been designated for All-Poland Gardening Exhibitions which was then gradually expanded and by the 1960s, spread as far as the Giraffe Avenue. The exhibition was attended by numerous gardeners and growers, for whom just participating in the event was considered a great honour. The jury was formed by the most acclaimed experts from around the country, including professors from the best universities in Warsaw and Wroclaw. Exhibitors received diplomas and medals made by Poland’s leading sculptors.

The tradition of the Flowers and Gardens Exhibition survives to this day, with a single event organised each year (since 2016, the exhibition is known as the “Flower Festival”). In 2013, the Exhibition was moved from “The Hat” to its original location at the so-called “Wailing Walls” near the Main Avenue.

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