Big Dancing Circle

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The Big Dancing Circle is one of the oldest and best-known places in the Silesian Park. It was opened in 1952 as part of the so-called festival zone.

Located near the Great Pond, in the Maple Avenue, the Circle is an outstanding example of socialist realism in architecture, which was the dominant style in the post-war years in Poland. Its area is nearly 1,600 sq. metres and its diameter is over 30 metres. Along the entrance section, there are beautiful stone stairs and statues of folk dancers inviting you to visit this unique place. The heart of the Big Circle is the stage, which over the years have been the venue of multiple dancing events, concerts, theatre performances or sports competitions,
including performances by “Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensemble, or the adaptation of a beloved musical “Jesus Christ Superstar" by the Rozrywka Theatre from Chorzów.

The Big Dancing Circle is scheduled for renovation which will include repairing the statues and the paving, and installing new lighting to improve the spectators’ experience. The renovation works will also include installing benches and ensuring accessibility to persons with disabilities.

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