Playground at the Perennial Garden

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In October 2020, a brand new, exciting playground was opened, the likes of which the Green Lungs of Silesia had not seen before. Children will enjoy it immensely, and senior citizens will be reminded of the blissful days of their own childhood.

The playground, created as part of the Generations Park initiative, is open to visitors of all ages. The investment project was funded from the participatory budget of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Children can play on the trampoline, ladders and climbing walls, as well as in the sandbox and on slides. The playground also has two interesting swings. One of them allows children to swing sitting opposite each other. The other one is intended for children with physical impairments. In the centre of the playground, there is a large play system. It is 12 metres long and 4 metres wide, and can accommodate a number of children at a time.

For older visitors, there is a recreational area nearby, with an outdoor gym and calisthenics zone, as well as comfortable benches and deck chairs.

The playground can be reached via Harcerska avenue and General Jerzy Ziętek promenade. It is located next to the intersection at the Perennial Garden.

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