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The longest lowland cableway in Europe, “Elka” was opened on September 8th, 2013 after a 7-year-long break and exactly 46 years after its first run. The cableway connects the Silesian Stadium and the theme park, offering a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Silesian Park, with its sprawling greenery and most of the places of interest.

The cableway has two lines, one serviced by a 4-person chair lift, and the other by a gondola lift which can accommodate up to 8 passengers. This combined system makes “Elka” is a unique cableway in Poland.
The cableway can travel up to 5 m/s, with the minimum velocity of 0.5 m/s. Usually, in regular operation “Elka” travels at 2 m/s. At this velocity, the return trip takes around 40 minutes.

The cableway is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and is fully accessible to passengers with disabilities.

There are plans for expanding “Elka” to restore the historical triangular route: from the Silesian Stadium to the theme park, from the theme park to the Planetarium, and from the Planetarium to the Silesian Stadium. It will require building a new cableway station at the Silesian Planetarium in the Silesian Science Park. Restoring the historic route will make the cableway even more attractive to local citizens and tourists, especially given the fact that it will run above the Silesian Zoo.

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