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The administration building, designed by Henryk Buszko and Aleksander Franta, was completed 17 years after the first opening of the Silesian Park. Large windows, facing brick and stone from Pińczów blend in perfectly with the park greenery and lend the administration building a light and elegant atmosphere. Previously, the park administration officials had been tossed from place to place, unable to settle anywhere. The first Park administration offices were located in the farm buildings on the currently occupied by Millennium Residential Complex (Osiedle Tysiąclecia), opposite Główna avenue.

The officials would manage the park affairs among farm fields, to the sound of whinnying horses and roaring tractors. From there, they were relocated to a beautiful, modernistic villa located behind the site of the current AKS Shopping Mall. The next address of the park administration was the “Przystań” restaurant, followed by the tower in the Silesian Stadium. Eventually, the authorities decided to build a functional and, if possible, stately building for the park administrators.

The building, which can be considered post-modernistic, was completed in 1967. As per the designers’ concept, it was a modern and light structure.

The new building was one of the favourite places of General Jerzy Ziętek who actively participated in the creation of the Silesian Park, and has been commemorated on a plaque on one of the exterior walls of the building. In winter of 2015, the park administration building underwent the first significant upgrade of its interiors since its completion.

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