Regatta Canal

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The Regatta Canal is a 550-m long artificial reservoir, created as an extension of the Great Pond for kayaks, rowing boats and water bikes. It has a characteristic island on the middle.

Both the Regatta Canal and the reservoirs in the Rosarium are man-made. From 2005 to 2010, some of the Park’s ponds underwent restoration, removing the sludge and waste from the bottom, and repairing the sliding banks which blocked water flow. With the restoration works, which also included planting interesting ornamentals around the ponds, some of the park’s fauna also returned. Initially, the Regatta Canal was supposed to be much longer and lead all the way to the Great Pond in the theme park, but the idea was scrapped due to the prohibitive cost estimation and the Canal ends in the vicinity of the Silesian Zoo.

On the site between “Hutnik” and “Perkoz” ponds, a fully automated rainwater pumping station was built to drain water from the Regatta Canal and the Great Pond to the new polder. The purpose of the pumping station is to prepared the Regatta Canal and the Great Pond to receive large amount of water during heavy rainfall.

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