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The Rosarium, also known as the rose garden, is one of the most beautiful landmarks of the Silesian Park. The idea of creating a collection of around 30 thousand rose bushes in the park came in 1964 from the Polish Rose Lovers Society. The design of the Rosarium was prepared in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences under the supervision of Professor Władysław Niemirski, the head designer of the Silesian Park. The grand opening of the Rosarium on June 24th, 1968, opened the first International Rose Exhibition.

In the 14-hectare garden, 350 rose species were planted, including the most acclaimed Kordes and Poulsen roses. The bushes were transported by trucks from growers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Aside from the multiflora species which bloom all year round, the Rosarium also has tree roses, climbing roses and park roses, as well as miniature roses. Picturesque water ponds with beautiful water lilies complement the unique atmosphere of the Rosarium.

Between 2005 and 2007, the rose garden underwent a renovation, including the replacement of the soil and some rose bushes, and the installation of an irrigation system. The catalogue published in Calcutta by the Indian Rose Federation included the Chorzów Rosarium on the list of 35 most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Today, the rose garden has around 35 thousand bushes of approximately 300 different rose species. The peak blooming season of the roses is from mid-June to mid-July. Later, the roses continue to bloom until autumn, although with less intensity.

Through the years, the Rosarium has become the favourite leisure spot for the people living in the nearby cities. It is popular among yoga or fitness enthusiasts. Families with children can enjoy the safe, scenic and well-groomed space, which is perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading, listening to birds’ songs and enjoying the beauty of the roses. We hope that the Rosarium will soon undergo another renovation to make it even more attractive.

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