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A 1 km-long path running from the Park management building through wet meadow and the Japanese garden, to the Rosarium. The main idea behind the path was to give the visitors (in particular the younger ones) an opportunity to see magnificent specimens of the noblest tree species up close. The path was also created to promote environmental awareness and respect for nature, and to highlight the biodiversity and rich flora of the Park. Next to the trees, you can see plaques with detailed information on the species, its Latin name and a map showing the given species’ habitats.

The most interesting specimens in the collection include the dawn redwood, the American sweetgum, the umbrella magnolia, as well as yew, stone pine, bog pine, katsura, tulip tree and gingko.

The dendrology path in the Silesia Park is very popular both among individual visitors and organized groups, mainly schoolchildren. Some of the trees are 50 years old and their arrangement along the path highlights the geographical and species diversity of the collection. To see all trees along the path and read the information on the plaques, you will need around two hours.

Places on the route

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